Real Property Services

Whether you are a developer, tenant, lender, or property manager, if you're involved with multi-tenant properties or are a multi-property tenant, you know how burdensome it is to review each lease to determine the key terms, such as how much rent is due, when rent increases, the lease term, when/where Notices should be sent, etc. You don't really want to read through 300 sixty-page leases filled with legalese, and you don't want to pay a lawyer $300/hour to do it for you, right? Furthermore, you don't want to spend all your time tracking who owes what and when or figuring out when exactly you have to send a Notice regarding Rights of Renewal or of First Refusal. You have too many other duties that need your attention.

Condor Data Services offers Lease Abstraction and Lease Management services, as well as related documentation and reports and Service Contract Abstraction/Management, by our internationally-based team, under the on-site guidance of our VP of Real Property Services, to ease that burden.

Lease Abstraction
Lease Management
SNDA/Certificate of Estoppel
Service Contract Abstraction/Management