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Phase One Coding

A sound and cost-conscious solution for litigation document review is logical document unitization and selective field coding combined with OCR. Quite often, your document population will contain many non-relevant documents as well as duplicates that it makes no sense to fully code. When you are faced with a large quantity of documents to code and you are concerned with the cost, this is the best approach. We call it Phase One Coding.

In fact, CDS recommends this approach on most of the coding projects we do. In Phase One Coding, we logically unitize the documents and code selected fields, typically the Document Date and Document Type fields. Then, we add in the OCR for each document. Using Phase One Coding, your review team will be able to weed out most non-relevant and duplicate documents. These documents can be set aside, leaving only documents of probative value for your team to review.

Logical Document Unitization Defined: paper documents are composed based on document types such as a letter, memo, report, email, etc. so that each record in the database is a logical document.