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Condor Data Services Launches New Website



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Press Release
Contact: Bryan Bergstrom
Phone: (657) 464-3003

Thursday, September 15, 2011


LOS ANGELES, CA, Thursday, September 15, 2011: Condor Data Services President, Mr. Rick Mason, is announcing the re-launching of its corporate website, designed to give current and future customers a more user-friendly experience. "I am also pleased to report that the entire site; was developed by our own Software Development Team," said Mr. Mason.

"Today customers are facing multiple challenges with the explosion of data and the potential need for real-time access," said Ronald Calma, Vice President, Condor Data Services. "The new website allows CDS to help our customers dramatically change the way they create, manage and operate with their data."

New Structure and Contents

The primary objective of the new CDS website is to provide an effective business development tool. We put a lot of emphasis on, "providing the appropriate information service for each stakeholder and attracting potential customers." The new site also features several new sections to meet stakeholders' needs.

New Content


Customer testimonials

Real Property Services

Introduces a new service offering, Real Property Services, including Lease Abstraction & Lease Management.

Business Process Outsourcing, (BPO)

The new website outlines our Content Management Services, Data Conversion & Data Entry capabilities.


Provides overview of all our current software products and introduces our new Software Development Services.

Our Company overview

The company has enhanced its company overview page to reflect our added services.

User-Friendly Design

The new website is designed to allow users to quickly find the contents they are looking for from the main page. In addition, its low hierarchical structure allows users to find information easily and smoothly.

Please feel free to check out our re-launched website. We hope you enjoy our website.

About Condor Data Services
Condor Data Services is an onshore-offshore information management & real property services company based in Los Angeles, California, with an offshore operations facility devoted to litigation coding, content management, lease abstraction and lease management, and software development. If it has to do with data, we are the experts.