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Litigation Coding

When you require a litigation database, we will first discuss with you the best approach based on your needs and your budget. This initial discussion is very important as it may save you time and money. There are many different ways to approach coding, ranging from simple to complex. Your case might require a more simple database at the outset of discovery and first pass review, thus saving money which can be allocated for other tasks. At Condor, we always recommend Phase One Coding first, a cost-conscious approach to coding.

During the project development phase, we will confer with you on the specific elements of the coding manual.

Once the coding manual is agreed to and coding commences, we will maintain daily communications with you regarding project schedule and deliveries as well as any unusual document coding questions which could require your input.

CDS started its operations in 2003 as a litigation document coding company. Each of our management and supervisory staff have at least ten years of experience in litigation document coding. While we have branched out to other areas of data management such as Electronic Discovery Consulting in the legal sphere and data processing in our business process outsourcing work, we still view our litigation document coding expertise as the foundation for our success in other realms of data management.

With all the coding we have done through the years, we can assure you that your database will be of the highest quality. We stand behind the work we do.