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Exhibit Generator, ExGen

Price: $99 for a single-user license

Condor Data Services' newest Litigation Support software utility is Exhibit Generator, ExGen. ExGen was specifically designed to make preparing trial exhibits an easy and efficient process that can now be completed by any attorney, paralegal, or litigation support professional.

For attorneys and paralegals who do not use load files and/or trial presentation software, ExGen is designed to create exhibits as PDFs in two ways:

  1. From folders of images: each folder of images is outputted to one exhibit as a PDF.
  2. From PDFs: each PDF is an exhibit.

For attorneys and paralegals who use image load files from IPRO, Opticon, or Summation, or data load files from Concordance, Relativity or Summation, ExGen will work with your load files to make exhibits and their corresponding image and data load files, ready to load into Concordance/Opticon, Relativity, IPRO, Summation and Trial Director.

Recognizing the need for a tool that could be used to create exhibits quickly, CDS's Software Development Department went to work, and ExGen was born.

We know there are many ways the courts want exhibits presented. If there is a format you need that is not included in ExGen, please let us know and we will work to fulfill your request.

Please download the ExGen 10-day, fully-functional free trial today!

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